Virtual Public Viewing

Hello Together,

the Idea for gathering and watch together lectures, movies, events, streams are one of a main socialVR Use-Case. Bigscreen on SteamVR is one great solution, but not in Overte.

Here three different Strategies to offer support in this direction:

Multi-User Server Solution
Something like a Video-Mixer to deliver a Video (Stream) to all User in a room. It’s like jits/bbb/galene do as a SFU. Perhaps the most complex solution could give the best control over formats and synching.

Synced Local View
One player looks a video local. If multiple user looks video local, they are not in sync. If we add an entity in a room with “Start, Stop, Pause, Rewind” Buttons and a Video-URL we can assign a “Mod”. This Mod pressed “Start” and via Message-Mixer this Button-Press will occur on every user. So it’s seems like Multi-User Viewing, but it’s just a Multi-Local Viewing with synced states.

External Watch2gether Apps
Perhaps a Third-Pary App, like w2g could offers a solution, but did not support all formats. If this works, it’s just a Web-Object or even a local Overlay-Browser and syncing will be solved in the app.

P.S.: If there is a “Feature Request” Category, please move it there.

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Maybe I am wrong but I though we had already a working synced video player…
At least I know for sure Tivoli had.