Tool: Custom Signs Generator

Here’s a prototype for an application to generate different objects displaying a specific image.

Initially created to rapidly create framed pictures (without have to craft a .fst or use an y extra material entity and without have to use an image entity that often has issues to be display if applied on a wall),
this tools can generates signs from a simple image url.

So here is the thing:
Repository: GitHub - AleziaKurdis/signs: Custome signs generator for Overte virtual worlds.
(See instructions for installation)

You can then create on demand:

WALL FRAMED SIGNS (emissive or not):

And for your pure pleasures:
PROTEST SIGNS (as avatar entity):

(Yeah, you can now show your favorite memes in public! And possibly make a game of this.)

As Bonus, it can also generate your customized mug for a meeting…

(Also as avatar entity)

Each sign share the same model file, and the same .fst file (so very fast to load whatever if you are using many of theses in a domain) Each sign is only one entity, the picture url is set on the “textures” property of the model entity.