Attach a wearable to your MakeAvatar(TM) model

Download a Wearable and Attach it to your MakeAvatar™ model

In this video I will show you the basic steps in downloading a wearable model, preparing it in Blender, export it and attaching it to your MakeAvatar model. Please Subscribe as I will be adding more video on how to add content… Don’t forget to give me a thumbs-up if you liked the video. Any encouragement helps. Mind you… turn down the video in the end before Vircadia opens… it gets loud.

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Tags: Blender, Metaverse, VR, Overte, Wearables

Model being used… MIT from Microsoft

Make sure you are using Blender 2.9+
Make sure you have the FBX and GLTF import/export modules enabled

  1. Import the FBX model into Blender.
  2. At first I direct you to delete the armature yet you will see that it might be helpful in moving your wearables into shape… you can delete it afterwards.
  3. Click on the model
  4. Click on the Shading Tab
  5. Find the textures needed for the model and add them, color, specular and normal if they are not presently loaded.
  6. From the Principled BSDF node set all options to zero but “Roughnes” which you will set to 1.
  7. Select the modeling tab
  8. Select the Edit Mode interaction mode
  9. Select Mesh → Separate → By Loose Parts
  10. Piece by piece you want to delete the faces of everything that you do not want… mainly the body beneath the clothing.
  11. Click on the body and to the right in the Collection click the eye button to hide it
  12. Select all the remaining parts in the view windows and select delete
  13. Unhide the body model… it is one model
  14. Remove all the faces and vertices that are not part of the wearable.
  15. Select the Object Mode interaction mode
  16. With the model selected right click on it and select Set Origin → Origin to center of Mass
  17. Open the male mannequin in another Blender 7.9 window
  18. Copy and paste the wearable model from the one window to the mannequin window.
  19. Manipulate the model till it fits the mannequin… if you copied the model with the armature you can take it in pose mode and try to match the T-Pose.
  20. Select the wearable
  21. Shift select the rig
  22. Ctrl + P to Set parent - With Empty Groups
  23. Select Manniquin_Body
  24. Click on Object Data Properties
  25. Shift select wearable
  26. Enter Weight Paint Mode
  27. In the 3D view pane select Weights - Transfer Weights
  28. You will notice an option at the bottom left of your screen - Transfer Mesh Data
  29. Click the down arrow and change “Source Layers Selection” - By Name
  30. Select the entire model with wearables and rigging.
  31. Select Scene Property - Units - and change Scale to .05
  32. Right click on the mannequin and select Parent → Clear and Keep Transformation
  33. Click on the mannequin and press delete
  34. Ensure Gltf Addon is enabled
    Edit - Properties - Addons
    Search gltf
    Check to enable addon
  35. Click File - Export - Gltf
  36. On the right side of the export window change the format to “gLTF Binary (.glb)”
  37. Press the “Export gLTF 2.0” button.